A little bit about Jae

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Hey! My name is Janaeé but you can call me Jaé… and yes, I AM The Last Mermaid.

I started my journey in fashion when I was a little girl. My mom refused to buy me doll clothes, and instead she made me learn to sew them on our small family business’ industrial sewing machine. In retrospect, she had a lot of faith I wouldn’t get my fingers under the needle. REGARDLESS, that developed into a passion for fashion design the inevitably living in sketch books and some designs that I sewed to bring them to life.

Needless to say, I am a sellout because I chose to study Biology in college instead of continuing on my fashion journey. But who says you can’t start later?!

This year I turned 25, and in true millennial fashion I dubbed it my #QuarterLifeCrisis year. I asked myself, so are you only going to work your 9-5 for the rest of your life? Is this all you want to do? Ultimately the answer was no. And don’t get me wrong I really love my job (most days) but I wanted to do something a little more. And I asked myself what I was passionate about. The answers came back: the ocean/marine life, fitness, food, fashion, Caribbean culture, digital strategy and entrepreneurship; and VIOLA my business - The Last Mermaid - was born.

I hope and pray that the challenges, clothes, and blogs (if you care to read them) that come out of this journey is as fulfilling for you as I hope it is for me. I made a promise this year to fail out loud, so if you want to learn from my downfalls STAY TUNED.

Quick Stats About Me


Born, Bred, Ga Dead … BAHAMIAN (this means I’m from The Bahamas if you didn’t know)

Current City:

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Born Day:

April 18th (Aries Nation)

Expensive Papers (Degrees):

Bachelor of Science in Biology; minor: Chemistry

Master of Science in Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship

Thanks for joining me on this ride